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Tile Adhesives

GLOBIN TILE BOND is a grey cementitious powder formulated as a high performance fixing adhesive for a wide range of applications.This versatile, easy-to-handle, cement-based adhesive is perfect for fixing Ceramic wall and floor tiles, mosaic tiles and similar materials in wide range of applications.


Mixing application

Put 4 litre of water and 2 litre Latex73 in 20kg GLOBIN TILE BOND . Liquid and dry material should be thoroughly mixed and allowed to slake 5-10 minutes, then remix before application. Adjust quantity of liquid to obtain ceramy,smooth, wet and tacky consistency.

Application instructions

Apply GLOBIN TILE BOND to a uniform thickness of 3mm to 6mm or sufficient to cover the studs or keys on the tile back; on a working area of not more than 1 m². Solid bed fixing is recommended for all horizontal applications and for ceramic tiles. If preferred, GLOBIN TILE BOND can additionally be buttered on the backs of the tiles to ensure full adhesive contact. For all other vertical applications the adhesive bed should be combed horizontally with a notched trowel to remove excess.

Tiles should be dry and fixed by pressing into place with slight twisting motion, ensuring the tile back achieves full contact with the adhesive.
Note: Do not apply over an area greater than that which can be covered within the open time of the product.
Ceramic tiles should never be butt jointed. Leave a minimum of 2mm around tiles.
Adjustments to tiles should only be made during the adhesives open time.
Remove excess adhesive from the face of the tile with a damp sponge or cloth before it sets.

How to apply on Floor & Walls

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