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Operational & Quality Management

Talc lumps extracted from different mining zones are transported to the processing and storage yard. Meticulous sorting is done by experienced manpower to classify the lumps into various grades, depending upon the type, size and quality.
Further processes are carried out like crushing, screening and sizing by experienced personel, utilizing different kinds of precision sieves.
Methodical sampling of ore is done from time to time. These samples are analyzed for mineralogical and chemical composition.
Talc lumps are packed according to customers requirements.


Great emphasis is laid on appropriate packaging. Imported Kraft paper is used to make paper bags for talc powder. The products are available from 10kg weights in a paper sack to up to 1-ton PP jumbo bags.
Shrink-wrapping & pelletization is done at the packaging stations. Special packing or bulk supplies are also catered to if required by our valued customers

Talc Powder requires pre-processing and grading procedures to produce a uniform end-product. Lumps from mines are analyzed for brightness and chemical composition. Thereafter, the lumps are blended to the desired lump size distribution and stored in feed silos for grinding and processing. The talc powder is conveyed to bagging station where it is packed. We manufacture various kinds of talc powders with high whiteness and purity, fineness and smoothness.

Powder in 25 Kg Paper / PP Bags / Big Bags.

Quality control

Quality is ensured by the continuous management and quality control system. Methodical sampling of talc lumps and talc powder is done from time to time.
These samples are analyzed for complete chemical and mineralogical composition.
Our talc is regularly analyzed for properties important to our customers.

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