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GROUND CALCIUM CARBONATE (Marble base) is an acid soluble, engineered sized product that can be used as a bridging agent for fluid loss applications, increasing fluid density for drill-in applications. Our Ground Calcium Carbonate is selected from very rich mines of Sub-continent origin. It is processed through the most modern plant. Our Ground Calcium Carbonate is mainly used in the end use application like paper, plastic, paints and PVC industries.

Our coated calcite (natural calcium carbonate) has a Stearic acid coating that makes the hydrophobic surface of the calcium carbonate less hydrophobic. This coating on calcium carbonate improves dispersion of its particles into the polymer melt. It enables for better impact resistance, good dispensability during processing, and minimizing size variation of the product. Available in various particle sizes as a multifunctional filler used in the production of paper, plastic bumper, plastics, synthetic, leather, paint and building materials.

Cable Applications:

PVC Door Profiles:



Globin Minerals fine-ground calcium carbonates (CaCO3) are of premium quality. These exceptionally pure, bright white fillers and extenders are dry ground from natural high calcium marble. Our particle size range allows us to meet the requirements of many applications including:

Paints, coatings, and inks
GLOBIN Carbonates provides a wide range of ground calcium carbonate products to paint, ink and coating industries. Calcium carbonate primarily serves as a replacement for more costly raw material components.

Key Features
High Whiteness, High Purity, Opacity, Gloss, Rheology, Tio2 Extension

Application Specific Benefits
In some exterior paint formulations, carbonates provide weathering resistance and pH stabilization while for stucco and renders, carbonates mainly contribute to application rheology, shrinkage reduction and visual interest. For road marking and traffic paints, marble-based carbonates are incorporated to provide high brightness and opacity as well as cost reduction. White powder coatings with a high TiO2 content can benefit from pigment spacing and extension features offered by engineered Carbonates for domestic appliance and other indoor uses to reduce cost, while maintaining good gloss, color and opacity properties. Decorative interior paints mainly utilize carbonates to extend expensive components in the formulation such as resin and TiO2 and to control gloss levels in formulation.

Improves Dry & Hiding Wet Power
Dry & Wet Brightness.
Low Sheen in Mat Paints.
Scrub resistance & Wash-ability – Application Behavior

Rubber – Flooring Products, Footwear
Fine ground carbonates are used in a wide range of rubber applications as high loading extenders, improving rheological properties and process ability of the compounds with little or no impact on the hardness or other mechanical properties. Surface treated grades can be used to ease handling and improve its dispersion within the compound.

Key Features
Whiteness, Process ability, Extra durability, Reinforcement

Application Specific Benefits
In tire sidewall and liners, carbonates are used as extenders. They can be also used in seals & gaskets as a neutral extender, helping to maintain the compression set performances.
Carbonates are also chosen as extenders for many applications such as footwear and flooring because of their whiteness, which can be used in both clear and colored compounds

Calcium Enrichment in Food and Personal Care Products
Calcium carbonate is commonly used as a white colorant and abrasive in toothpastes and similar applications. Best quality raw material, together with the particle size, allows us to provide the required levels of brightness and abrasion. For other applications, the main issue is the source of calcium. Once again, calcium carbonate is the salt containing the highest amount of calcium. As in all other health-related applications, purity and safety during production are crucial. Owing to the special use of cosmetic products, microbiology is another key aspect & Globin Minerals is well equipped to handle. From production to packaging and from basic research to final control laboratory testing – Globin Minerals is able to work on innovative solutions.

Main applications:
• Toothpaste
• Body lotion
• Facial cream
• Medicines
• Body and facial scrub

▲ PVC extrusions, Cables
▲ Adhesives, caulks, sealants
▲ Polyester resin systems – BMC, SMC, RTM, Spray-up
▲ Paper – Filling and Coating
▲ Glass Fiber
▲ Ceramic Glaze

▲ Consistent sizing
▲ High brightness
▲ High chemical purity
▲ Food Grade available
▲ Kosher


• High Brightness
• Excellent Dry Flow Properties
• Excellent Wet out Properties
• Excellent Loading Properties
• Excellent Thermal Shock properties
• Low Free Moisture

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